1. "That's why I fucked your bitch you fat motherfucker" Tupac, to Biggie, in "Hit 'Em Up."
    So beautifully and shockingly crass, this is still kind of startling a decade later in a famously aggressive genre. This was in the preamble and set the tone for the most legendary diss of all time
  2. "That's a one hot album every ten year average" Jay-Z to Nas, on "Takeover"
    Ether gets the praise but Jay-Z countered hard on Nas' career with his own credibility on the line and lands this haymaker with the "wait, that's kind of true" lasting burn
  3. "You sing for hoes and sound like the Cookie Monster" 50 Cent to Ja Rule
    So true, delivered with the perfect mix of menace and humor
  4. "Talking about guns like I ain't got none; what you think, I sold them all!?" Dr.Dre, to those who forgot him on "Forgot About Dre."
    Good point and deliciously delivered
  5. "How many more of Biggie's lines gonna come out your fat lips?" Nas, to Jay-Z on Ether
  6. "Give these rappers the look, the verse and even the hook, that's why every single song sounds like Drake featuring Drake" Drake dissing the Weeknd on 5 AM In Torontk
    So true it's worth listing. Viciously delivered.