Each rapper gets three or so great songs that ideally reflect their range. Get on YouTube and spend a musical hour learning rap.
  1. Kendrick Lamar
    The Heart Pt.2, Ignorance Is Bliss, Rigamortis ft. Busta Rhymes (Remix)
  2. Eminem
    Murder Murder, Kim, Infinite
  3. Lil Wayne
    Single, We Takin Over (da drought 3 remix only!!), Weezy Baby, This is Tha Carter.
  4. Drake
    Closer To my dreams, Trophies, dreams money can buy
  5. Jay-Z
    You must love me, hola hovito, moment of clarity, what more can I say
  6. Nas
    The world is yours, if I ruled the world, I gave you power
  7. Rick Ross
    Triple beam dreams (ft Nas) Free Spirit (ft Drake) No games (ft future) Rick Ross is like a talk show host- occasionally provokes amazing guest verses and shines back when they shine out
  8. Meek Mill
    Traumatized, heaven or hell (ft jadakiss), dreams and nightmares
  9. Miscellaneous
    "Virginia" by Clipse, "Bible on the dash" by Gunplay, "bastard" by Tyler the Creator, "comptons finest" by Kendrick Lamar,
  10. Kanye West
    Drive slow, blame game, runaway...just all of "my beautiful dark twisted fantasy" in order to be honest.