1. Relief
    In the immediate, amazing. But even more amazing in the long term. Relief from fear, anxiety, or worry? That's an ultimate nirvana-like quest. It opens you to a better state.
  2. Joy
    Yes, even better than love. Joy is the good side of love, the pure result that you celebrate. Joy is the best active thing, since relief is a cop-out I stretched to zen.
  3. Love
    It's irresponsible to rank something so volatile so highly. I was tempted to drop this to four, but nah.
  4. Happiness
    Happiness is the bread and butter of good living but man cannot live on bread alone. Joy implies purpose, as does love. Happiness is good, but more workmanlike, Cal Ripken Jr style.
  5. Calm
    Overrated in theory, underrated in practice.
  6. And the rest!
    Purpose, validation, friendship, being on one/in the zone and appreciation round out the top ten