More for me, now also for you!
  1. Beyond Average
    I wrote a YA novel about a mysterious, sinister kid who promises to make a Wallflower cool, at the expense of everything he is. We almost sold it, but not quite. Got my agent, though.
  2. The Cost of Living
    I tried to write a dark comedy/ tough cool crime novel with limited success. A handsome failure; a lot I'm proud of, a bunch I'm embarrassed by, but some good stuff for sure.
  3. The Campaign
    What I'm writing now, about three quarters of the way to a first rough. Follows three POV characters- a cool jock, an ambitious nerd, and a bipolar class clown- as they compete to be student council president of their prep school. All three have heroic vibes and flaws
  4. The Book That Makes You Kill Yourself: A Novel
    A meta book about a not especially academic guy who inherits an unpublished work that advocates suicide well enough that it may cause an epidemic. He has to decide if this should be published (barely written)
  5. Werewolf Prom
    A funny and unhinged take on YA/middle grade tropes. To be cowritten with my friend Jacob.
  6. The Devil's Bible
    A POV from an adversary explaining the bible (more Talmudic so far) from his angle. Posits free will etc as his doing.
  7. Black Sabbath
    Only book I'm signed to write
  8. Ghost Guild
    A recently deceased man tries to maneuver the hectic and confusing afterlife of ghosts, which is regulated into specific classes. He discovers a secret that jeopardizes the afterlife as he knows it