1. Wake up both late and sleepy
  2. Take uber to work
  3. Find out you're right on time but every single other person is late
  4. Regular Monday blahs
  5. Favorite co teacher is sickly, pick up her slack
  6. Least favorite co teacher exists, deal with her bullshit
  7. Needlessly long meeting
  8. Learn that kids are both coming early and staying late Wednesday
  9. So instead of having kids 2-6, I have them 12-8
  10. That is very long
  11. Want to treat myself for lunch
  12. Chicken pot pies are out at my favorite bakery
  13. Wings place inexplicably closed
  14. Running late, have a scone
  15. Shitty day at work
  16. Starving, decide on my favorite burger for dinner
  17. It's overpriced, drag Leah, our drinks are eh
  18. Feel bloated and dumb AND now my favorite burger place starts out on the wrong foot
  19. Walk with Leah to hers
  20. Two blocks down there's a barbecue carnival with a live band and beer garden
    It is mocking us for our- sorry, MY- poor choices
  21. Fuck this
  22. Oh! And I couldn't find my headphones! Maybe they're lost maybe not but either way no music l day.
  23. Oh! And didn't get the teaching job I was hoping for and expecting! Duh