I am coming up with them in advance to diffuse them
  1. "Hey, they sounding like horses"
    A sneaky diss of "hey is for horses" or a diss to Jesse who does music for BoJack Horseman
  2. "Hey is for horses and I'm going for the fillies."
    Okay follow me; "phillies" is a homonym for the female horses and Ryan Howard played on the phillies and my brother played Ryan Howard
  3. "/ yeah when fish can fly."
    Innocent? Hardly. Jesse won the prestigious camp Medowbrook Flying Fish award.
  4. "They the opposite of smooth"
    JB Smoove is smooth and the "positive" Of JB is BJ, and they (me) in this example are calling him unsmooth in a wildly subtle way
  5. "Dark cloud ahead, there's rain over me."
    Ben was in "Reign Over Me" which is connoted to something bad here
  6. "Where my rivals? They're missing in action"
    Jesse worked for MIA and being "MIA" in this beef. Man, this is subtle and made up.