1. It's the rare feel-good matchup
    You have the electric, inspiring, and generally awesome Cam Newton and the ragtag panthers against the swan-song, come-from-behind Peyton Manning. Also: the Broncos have Demaryius Thomas, who's mother was pardoned after 15 years in prison for drug trafficking. Last week she saw her sons first game. A Super Bowl win would have some narrative power.
  2. Both teams are cool, with cool fan bases who deserve it.
    North Carolina and Denver both have great, struggling fan bases: NC moreso, but still: for Peyton to win one last ring for Denver in his (assumed) final season would be a beautiful farewell for him and a wonderful thrill for the Broncos, who haven't won since Elway
  3. Cam Newton is amazing
    Holy hell. What a guy. Everyone should be rooting for Cam Newton and the panthers. They're America's team.
  4. It isn't Brady vs. Newton
    I'm a Patriots fan, and to be honest, Im glad the Patriots circus won't overshadow Cam Newton and the panthers amazing season; plus now I get to root for them!Thankfully, the low-wattage Broncos provide a wonderful and admirable straight-man to the year's best story.