1. Twitter is actually a fine place to meet people, comparatively
    Judging someone off ideas words tone and style is a lot more thorough and fair than other ways
  2. Dogs are dumb, intellectually speaking
    I love them but if your smart dog has a 70% success rate on basic commands, find other epithets to explain your love.
  3. New York is a garbage prison and a casino of dreams where the house always wins
    It needs you like a body needs calories. You will be devoured.
  4. Ambition is nothing to brag about
    It's the "loving to travel" of the Millennial set, vague and self congratulating and a little entitled. Plus, not a virtue per se. It can poison. Thankfulness, mindfulness and appreciation tempter it synergistically
  5. We are going to solve climate change with space age technology
    Humans are greedy procrastinators and also innovative adaptable geniuses. We won't conserve, but we'll figure something out