1. "Ether" by Nas- arguably the most important diss track in history, and a touchstone of history.
    Not in order of relevance! Also all songs are about mainstream, cultural points.
  2. "Stan" by Eminem- to this day, "stanning" is the term for obsessive fans. Also, great and pivotal.
  3. "Warning" by Biggie- just the prototypical best. So good.
  4. "A Milli" by Lil Wayne- a mainstream hit that is so different and so Wayne. Good intro.
  5. "The Joy" by Kanye and Jay-Z- An amazing song that stretches back to musical roots.
  6. "C.R.E.A.M." By Wu-Tang Clan- Because you need it.
  7. "Changes" by Tupac- a simple touchstone that covers a lot of bases to hear.
  8. "Blame Game" by Kanye West- changed the emotional game. Even Drake plays catchup to this.
  9. "Drive Slow" by Kanye West- because your car rides will never be the same.
  10. "Xxplosive" by Dr.Dre