1. Being on one
    I love being in the zone so much! Any zone! I love zones!
  2. Hard to explain but I live for the moments and spaces where I'm killing it and being (metaphorically) killed by awesomeness
    It's so joyful and stabilizing, like in New York
  3. When I do something awesome
    Teaching and writing are similar as being low paying frustrations punctuated by meaningful moments of greatness that longer on stitches into a greater tapestry of personal (and broader!) purpose
  4. Relief
    The best
  5. Seriously, being on one with other people who are in one
    There might be nothing in the world Iove as deeply as being with other awesome people and vibing and also kind of just being in the zone and on one and it's embarrassing but true. I live for those moments and connections and others and that is my joy.