1. Having bought new sheets from amazon
    I got my own sheets for the first time in my life not using some decades-old Novak castaway set. It feels like I'm sleeping on velvet clouds and they were so cheap. Is this what "love yourself" means?
  2. Wearing contact lenses
    I spent ~years~ fighting to get them in, and early weeks spent literally hours a day practicing one lens in one eye. To have conquered that makes every morning an exciting victory. I look better and I see better and it makes me so, so happy.
  3. Simple outfits I look good in
    Hush puppy brand shoes, clean white or navy blue with yellow laces, good jeans I got on sale that for right, a good sweater or one of my two non old-navy shirts has me so, so happy.
  4. A whole foods salad I make
    Lots of spinach, quinoa, sliced carrot shavings, raw onion, a impulse-veggie and a protein like salmon salad or BBQ beef. I get a pear on the side. Bonus: the protein usually comes in a sauce so no dressing. I feel great, it's delicious, and having it for lunch means I can have anythingggggg for dinner.
  5. Being dope with kids
    Easy for me, centering.