For when @keonovak isn't enough
  1. Stewart Novak
    Stewart Novak played the role of oldest sibling for one disastrous season on "Meet The Novaks!" Seeking to cleave close to it's Canadian roots, Stewart was well mannered and reasonable. Replaced by the more electric Ben (BJ) Novak who many say guided the brothers.
  2. Jesse 2
    Seeking to capitalize on fan-favorite Jesse, the Novak family attempted to introduce a never-before seen twin sister, also named Jesse. The gimmick wore thin early, before the show could organically introduce their band for the planned "Two Jesses!" Spin-off
  3. Rashad Novak
    Facing criticism for a lack of diversity, the Novak family quickly shoehorned in a Black Novak, meant to play opposite Lev in a shared room. The actor was widely praised for his Novakian nuance but left the show and acting at large to pursue a musical career under the pseudonym "Drake." He will cameo in the upcoming episode "Lev Finally Does It."
  4. Candi Novak
    This is a family show. The less said about Candi, the better.
  5. Glorp Novak
    A life-sized puppet, Glorp Novak was an alien who crash-landed on earth and lived in Jesse's closet. Largely memorable for the controversial "On Glorp, Marijuana Is Legal" episode aired in 1998.
  6. Ghost Bro
    The ghost of Stewart Novak appeared as an Easter Egg for long-time Novak fans, and as an attempt to reboot the character. Wants vengeance on Ben for usurping his place, but it's Canadian vengeance, so mostly well-meaning pranks done very occasionally and with significant verbal and written warnings beforehand.
  7. John Mayer
    Thinks like Ben, feels like Jesse, talks like Lev.