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  1. New New Year's Eve, (late May or early June)
    New Year's Eve often sucks. It's overpriced, overbooked and stressful, with mandatory fun as a difficult burden. So we have a mulligan. You dress up, pop champagne, fancy snacks, drink, be merry, have a good dinner and redo the most difficult holiday with friends and loved ones in much better weather.
  2. Valentine's Day-Over (June)
    Same concept
  3. Career Day (August 20th)
    When the school I teach at started on August 20th I felt dread- there was a subway ad advertising a career fair August 20th with a well advertised tag line: "what you do August 20th may change your life." August 20th is now a day to invest in yourself
  4. Winter Day (November 17th)
    Winter in Boston sucks, but winter day is a holiday to get you prepped. You get your seasonal affective lamp, make sure your lighting is on point, make sure your coats and sweaters and long underwear is on point, make sure you have a signature chili recipie, etc- you so all the prep so your winter rocks. And you party