1. Rolling Rock (bottle only)
    Introduced to me by the legendary Jacob Rubin, who graces all my best stories. An ice cold bottle of Rolling Rock is the perfect smoking beer for the record. I vouch for this fully.
  2. Naraganset
    PBR but better. Spelling it is hard.
  3. "Enjoy By" Stone IPA Series
    Fresh hopped beers that 'expire' within a few weeks. Fresh hopped IPA's are my favorite because they're smoother and less acidic than other aggressively hopped beers while retaining all the flavor. Every time I have one of these I wonder "why aren't all beers this good?"
  4. Jack's Abbey Kiwi Rising
    Fruity without being overwhelming
  5. Downeast Cider Winter Warmer
    Tastes like Christmas
  6. Notch Pils Left of the Dial IPA
    Smooth and not overwhelming