I will stop everything to watch these actors/characters
  1. Dennis Reynolds, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
    Say what you will about fan favorite Charlie but Dennis is the absolute star of the show. Sinister, preening, entertaining and alternating my suave and terrifying and silly, it's cool and revealing to see a sociopath played for low, grimy stake, not like a Frank Underwood Titan
  2. Joeffey Baratheon, Game of Thrones
    Oh my God is he good. So fucking awful but believably so. Behind only Peter Dinklage as best actor on the show, and Tyrion gets enough love
  3. Gabe Newell, The Office
    Oh my God was he funny
  4. Buster Bluth, Arrested Development
    Yes, Gob. But think of how well he took the character from "Oedipal man-child" and just made it ~his~
  5. Elaine, Seinfeld
    A fucking treasure, especially given her utterly lame plot lines and guy-of-the-week actors.
  6. Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock
    Hard to pick a favorite but on reruns it's hard not to appreciate how thoroughly he nails absurdity
  7. JK Simmons, Oz
    Yeah, I watched OZ some. Sue me.