1. "Don't tell me you sing, you 'bout to get a deal// aa-aaa-aa, that's how-the-fuck-you-sound,"
    From "Drunk and Hot Girls." Maybe the best use of atonal non-rhyming on a rap track this side of Lil B.
  2. "Don't talk 'bout your boyfriend, since he is not me."
    Same song. Ego and grossness at his best.
  3. "Big brother got a show up in Madison square, and I'm like yea, yea, we gonna be there. But not only did i not get a chance to spit it, Carlene told me I could buy two tickets. I guess big brother was thinking a little different, kept little brother at bay, at a distance. But everything I felt only made me more focused, only wrote more potent."
    From "Big Brother." It, uh, spoke to me.