I am the bad boy of magic: the gathering. Making a brand on here.
  1. Grim Lavamancer
    Oh man, what a good card. Turns your graveyard into a resource and adds reach, longevity and attrition to otherwise linear burn decks. Plus, holds it down as a 1/1 creature to boot. All for one mana!
  2. Tasigir, The Golden Fang
    A 4/5 body competes favorably with siege rhinos and restoration angels, and it comes down cheap with delve. Plus a mana-flexible card advantage engine without tapping? Plus immunity from abrupt decay, inquisition of koezelic, threads of disloyalty or slaughter pact? Sign me up!
  3. Blightning
    Without Bloodbraid Elf, blightning has lost a lot of it's juice but it's still a 3-for-1 and a super elegant card to boot. And a common at that- simple, powerful, cool.
  4. Dissolve
    Another mastery of design: counterspell too good? Dismiss too strong? Dissolve elegantly blends them, countering a spell with a Scry 1 for three. Elegant like blightning
  5. Smash To Smithereens
    Such a good meta-shift to give burn a leg up on affinity.
  6. Glacial Ray
    So close to perfect! If only there was a little more arcane support
  7. Meddling Mage
    So cool. Ways wanted to pair it with Tidehollow Sculler, Gitaxian Probe etc.
  8. Voidmage Prodigy/Patron Wizard
    Just you wait; ill make a brew if it kills me. If patron wizard was just modern legal! 😩