1. When the absurd and impossible blots my life in neon permanence
    I sometimes think about moments and go "wow. Nice."
  2. When I do something perfect that I know will be lost forever
    A perfect joke you can't create, repeat or even explain? My god, it's the best. And you just feel it; you have to appreciate in the present because it's untweetable, impossible even to rememeber. Glorious.
  3. Similar, but being funny in the moment for no gain.
    It's like crack, I assume.
  4. Seeing my brothers
    Sadly uncommon, but that gives it an elevation; the mundane becomes special and the special iconic.
  5. The first time you hear something amazing
    Only happened to me once, but hearing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy changed me forever. Expanded what music could be to me.
  6. Success
    Never had enough to satisfy me, but the snippets imply I'll like it.
  7. Every day stuff in Boston.
    I have so many cool friends, girls sometime like me, and I can get a hamburger and a beer ~whenever I want~. I get to write a lot and often get paid for it. This is everything I wanted, even as I wNt more