1. Felipe's, Harvard square
    I'm not an authority on Mexican food but this chain-like spot is transcendent. I am strongly considering getting a burrito to go despite having just demolished their quesadilla about ten minutes ago
  2. Gourmet Dumpling House
    They make their scallion pancakes with the tears of angels. I am convinced they make their general gaos sarcastically good so you can't ever have it anywhere else again. And those are just the Americanized dishes. I had okra here for a dish. Just okra! And it was amazing.
  3. Bartley's Burgers
    A slightly charred medium, slathered with good toppings on a bed of onion rings and 1/4 of an insane milkshake is how to do it
  4. Mikes Pastrys, north end/Harvard
    Get a chocolate dipped-not filled- canoli and thank me later. Chocolate chip is okay if you don't want to tinker with greatness
  5. Anything @sschuster cooks
    He made collared greens so good that I literally dreamed about them that night
  6. Johnny's chicken fingers, newton
    Makes me happy. Childhood favorite bordering on obsession.
  7. Flippin' Burgers, Newton
    It's closed, but the ghost of it's memory is still stronger than almost all of the burgers I've had since