My Game of Thrones crushes ranked. Highly recommend you do your own. Gender flipped will also be interesting.
  1. Margery Tyrell
    Number one stone cold fox who's also a super friendly sociopath which in Game of Thrones counts as friendly. Plus let's be real I'm so guileless we'd get along. I've got strong Tommen vibes
  2. Cersci
    Call me crazy but wowza. Only looks better in season 5 and her specific vibe is somehow totally my type in a self-destructive way
  3. Yrgitte
    Yeah she's a cool cutie and a stone cold gangster but she's a little to Katiness for my taste I'd just want to chill and she'd want to hunt!
  4. Khakisi
    Not my type. Too much baggage.
  5. Shae
    How can you play my man Tyrion like that!!! But early season swooning gets her a slot