1. Being frustrated because I want to do better for me, not for arbitrary success
    Exciting and very new
  2. Having too many divergent plans to choose them all
    I can't have a productive writing day, a needed personal growth day, or an awesome friend day! It's one or the other! Difficult and good.
  3. Too many people I love
    This can feel like trying to hold on to as many balloons you can. There's a real anxiety of missing someone for moments but God, what a gift. But still, it's weird to miss so many people so much while still being happy. I just can't fit all my love evenly through weeks
  4. Growing pains
    Not the most fun, not the easiest, but the best for you in a selfish "this is going be great" way, not the "if I have to" way.
  5. Wanting more time
    There were days and weeks in New York when I was killing time, wishing it would bleed out from me. Now it's precious, almost sacred, and I want more.
  6. Being afraid of change because I love the present
    Recently, change is scary more like a Disney movie is when you're a kid; there's an exhilarated thrill in the worry and the backing of a confident steady hope that proves to be well placed