I'm suddenly struck by appreciation and the sort of good vibe I most often associate with California visits, @jesseno @sophia @bjnovak . Still they've been coming more
  1. I feel grateful for a moment of what feels like fleeting, big picture awareness. It feels present
    I know it can't last but it wasn't meant to
  2. I'm grateful that it's so positive
    This emotion feels so true that it's not even optimism. This feels like a fact- grateful that it's good
  3. In the past 16 months I've consistently improved for the better
    As a person, as a writer, and so much so that it's thrilling
  4. I feel momentum
  5. I feel very lucky for the people in my life
    Especially family; I feel a sudden sharp pang of wideness, a birds eye view of my life from outside it: I spent so much time and emotional frustration in the self-contained moments I ignored so much small happiness, but even that is good news- my life has been surrounded by such love.
  6. My problems all feel very silly
    In a fleeting authentic way. Is his enlightenment? Sign me up!!
  7. That I get to date @leahgracewelcome
    The original number one thought which instigated this list, I'm glad I had so much happiness in which to spiral.