The school I teach at just extended our schedule two days so we can help them pack up since they don't want to hire movers. In protest I am taking a sick day.
  1. Buy Uniqlo socks online
    The ultimate cheap indulgence, uniqlo socks are cool, comfortable, purposeful, long-lasting, and bring me so much joy. Well worth the cheap shipping and a simple productive thing to do- replace my crummy, years old white socks with more mature ones I truly like
  2. Wake up early-ish
    Sleeping in has it's place but I am going to take tomorrow by the horns
  3. Go for a jog and/or work out
    Something I'm really looking forward to is my first-ever jog; I finally live in a cool area, finally want to try etc. Plus...
  4. Have a dope burger for lunch or.,.
  5. Cook myself a mean breakfast
  6. Go for a longer walk to a good, better coffee shop and write
  7. Call my brothers and write @sophia
  8. Book some tickets
  9. Maybe got a museum?
  10. Who knows!
  11. Savor it
  12. Recover from tonight which is dope
    Forrest is making wings and booze and Game 6 on projector