I have dabbled in dating apps and, more importantly, am the guy my friends give their phones to so I can set up theirs. I am an app Hitch. Here is your freebie
  1. 1.
    First: it's a one-pic world. Your first picture should be attractive, clearly you, and no red flags
    No selfie, no groups, no shirtless, no dog or cute kids. Easier said than done, pic 1 needs universal appeal. I don't have a slam dunk one sadly but it's tough to find
  2. 2.
    Next: you should have a short witty bio that is charming and chill and ideally counterpoints your aesthetic like seasalt to caramel
    For my friend S., who is traditionally handsome and cool, I wrote "I think Remus Lupin was under-rated," and kept a German flag emoji (he's German.) The understated Harry Potter shout out helped show a softer, nerdier side of him and he was often messaged first about it. A good icebreaker.
  3. 3.
    Second pic is your handsome pic
    It can be a selfie but we prefer not
  4. 4.
    Third is you being cool and handsome socially, with focus on social
    They already know what you look like from pictures 1 and 2 so a small crowd is okay but keep camera focus on you
  5. 5.
    Fourth pic is wildcard (repeat of being handsome or cool place/activity)
  6. 6.
    Fifth pic is you being adorable
    Gotta show life
  7. 7.
    All messaging should be friendly banter specific to their bio or a specific part of their picture that is not appearance based
    Good catch 22: if there's nothing cool about them other than how they look, it's a bad sign anyhow
  8. 8.
    Your profile should be handsome, fun, charming and warm with a short bio that compliments it in a new way
    Not that? Try again
  9. 9.
    Ta dah! You did it
    Your move @onlinealison
  10. 10.
    No sunglasses in any pics. Unless you're blind. Which is hot and all you need to put in your profile. Blind.
    Suggested by   @vp