1. Hate
  2. Charge extra for guacamole
  3. Fav your @ tweets but not respond
  4. Call your career choice "fun"
  5. Bring beer to the party and get weird when you take one because they brought them for themselves but they're also drinking other people's stuff?
  6. Like your exes profile pictures
  7. Say "okay" over text message in situations where it's hard to tell if they're mad or not and asking is gonna make you look stupid and either way they'll say they're not
  8. Apologize for things that somehow work in more digs at you
  9. Correct your pronunciation on things that are a matter of taste, like vase/vase
  10. Post smugly with emoticons because they're "feeling blessed 😊"
  11. Use filters in Instagram and say "no filter"