1. Simplicity of purpose
    You're not also a night club or fusion spot. You serve good burgers and one more thing. Burgers and bar, burgers and classy, burgers and divey, burgers and...you get one "and." That's it.
  2. Awesome toppings
    Burger purists are snobs. Burgers should be fun, exciting, and enjoyable. Where's the ghost-pepper Mac and cheese? The maple aoli bacon and Swiss burger? One has onion rings on it, right? Mix it up, gimmie pizaz.
  3. Midrange price
    $10 is a good price for a hearty, standard, fun burger. Less is great, but $14 instantly makes me go "oh..." Even if it's great
  4. One kickass side
    Some people can't tell a good burger from an okay one. And that's okay! But give them an extra thing to focus on. Increase the surface are of excellence- milkshakes, fries, onion rings, alcohol drinks.
  5. Plus one kickass bonus
    Atmosphere, price, or hours are good ones. One extra thing that people get amped on that doesn't require edible perfection.
  6. And a good veggie burger
    Just one! You gotta make it so nobody in the friend-group wants to veto. With a good veggie burger, a good side, and one kick-ass plus element (price hours etc) from above, you're golden.
  7. Ta dah! You've done it.
  8. Now it's just mad libs
    "What about place it's a burger place; good stuff, the fun toppings with good (FOOD BONUS) and it's got (CULTURE BONUS.) I know you line (BONUS.( Yeah, Claire likes in- the veggie burgers good. Us five for dinner? Dope.