I sleep a ton and would like to sleep less. Any tips?
  1. Try to not let your phone be the last thing you look at before falling asleep.
    Doctors say put it away 30 min before bed, but I find that hard, so right now I just made sure I read/write something on paper to cool off my eyes for a couple minutes.
    Suggested by @maira
  2. Make sure your space is comfortable!
    I have stress dreams when my room is messy/my bed wasn't made before I fell asleep. Stress dreams make me tired.
    Suggested by @sky
  3. Melatonin gummies by Vitafusion are my thing these days. 2 3mg gummies each night. Helps with a restful, dream filled, natural sleep that I wake up refreshed and on time from.
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  4. Blackout curtains and white noise (I use the air conditioner). Also keep the temperature pretty cool.
    Suggested by @Mary
  5. Get a sleep evaluation
    If you're snoring or have sleep apnea, you won't be fully rested and you'll feel like you need more sleep. Talk to a doctor.
    Suggested by @evanp
  6. I've been trying 'Sudarshan kriya' this last week before going to sleep. Has helped me calm down before sleeping and has improved my sleep quality.
    Suggested by @mkz