1. Evil wins when you're a coward.
    The whole purpose of Evil is that it offers a shallow power. The core of any hateful philosophy is your inherent superiority to the hated Other: it's that elevation, that high, that inspires its adherents. Evil gains momentum when you refuse to say or do shit because of inconvenience—or, more likely, fear.
  2. Evil wins when it's misunderstood.
    Evil doesn't care that you call it evil. Evil knows. Again, it's strength. Pleas to morality will go unheard. Avoiding evil is only a retreat.
  3. Evil wins when you are weak.
    Evil is about strength. When you lack the will to fight, evil seeps in. It wants to to kneel. And you will, especially if you're a coward who misunderstands it.
  4. Evil wins when you don't know why you're good.
    When you're so removed from morality, goodness seems like an arbitrary burden. As in: "why are we all so PC?" If evil is merely taboo in a liberal society, it implies hate is an unspeakably powerful truth and empowers those who speak it. Rather than, you know, something stupid and self-serving for knuckle-fucking zealots to attach themselves to in the absence of God or good.
  5. Evil wins when moral relativism divides the good into self-righteous showmanship.
    Internal critique is important. But there is a growing movement of Neo Nazi's online who support genocide as galvanized by Trump, who today(!) was declared "the great White hope" by Pat Buchanan. I know you don't like Hillary. You will like Trump even less. Moral relativism paralyzes and justifies laziness.
  6. Evil wins when you don't understand the power and width of goodness.
    Many Conservatives are good people. A significant amount of Trump voters don't even like him. Religious Christians have historically been a bulwark against fascism, in Germany and elsewhere. Constitutional minded libertarians sound a lot smarter and more tolerant now than ever before in the face of a sour government: #CruzCrew as well, many who believe in good, God, and country. You can't limit goodness to those who drink the right brand of IPAs. You have to understand its width and power.
  7. Evil wins when you don't fight.
    Violence isn't the answer, but if you cave to its shadow, it becomes a tool of dominance. When only one side has momentum, the courage to fight in any sense is paramount. If only one side enjoys violence, that's fine. You don't have to enjoy anything. But it is a grim duty to fight evil in whatever shape it takes. World War II wouldn't have ended by viral videos. Be good, true, kind, and strong. Without strength, the rest dies.
  8. Evil wins when you don't love.
    Be careful not to let yourself rot. Be careful not to search for evil as a stimulant to give you purpose and hate. Be careful not to forget that love is stronger: not as a cliche, but as a simple fact you can observe worldwide and throughout history.
  9. Evil wins when you don't believe in good.
    If you're good out of obligation, but not acceptance and knowledge and understanding, re examine your ideals and self. Live a true life. That's where your strongest. Similarly if you censor evil out of fear, using shame etc, that implies that good isn't strong enough to shine on its own. Love and honest truth support good; using those as instruments when possible is far stronger.