1. Enormously happy, surprisingly so.
    I thought I was more cynical than this, but Jesus, this feels truly potent. In a country where money is God, where the bills are unchanging and have perpetuated an extremely narrow narrative of America's history, to have this—done by the federal government, not a student group but the slow as shit government— it feels staggering.
  2. Glory be to God in the highest.
    MAKE NO MISTAKE THO just because we're (FINALLY) replace Andrew Jackson (piss poor racist white supremacist president) on the $20 bill doesn't not mean racism is over. Not by a long shot. The simple fact that it's 2016 and there is YET to be a woman represented on our currency is systemic oppression that is so deeply embedded in our history. It takes conscious and cognizant effort to even BEGIN to undo all of it (if that in of itself is even possible).
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  3. Thrilled and also tickled that a Broadway show could protect Hamilton from being removed from the $10 bill.
    Harriet deserved the $20 all along though.
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  4. Like this.
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  5. Thrilled! That it's a woman but even more so, that it's Tubman, who was so remarkable and brave: escaped slave, spy, nurse, and relentless fighter for women's rights.
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  6. Thrilled that a woman will be on the $20 and particularly that it will be Harriet Tubman. Though I don't like to be at all negative— honestly a little peeved it took a smash hit musical about a man to get a woman on the 20, after years of women's advocates saying that $10 was not a suitable alternative. But still— thrilled!
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  7. Like it's a personal victory.
    I let everyone who asked, and even more people who didn't, know that Hamilton is my main man (not because of the musical, though I can't wait to see it once I sell an organ...) and shouldn't be removed from the $10 because he's the reason we even HAVE a federal currency and that a woman should ~*definitely*~ replace Jackson because he is the👏worst👏! Also, I went to Hamilton College...
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