@lgw may remember parts differently
  1. A few years ago, back in the college years, my friend Jeremy asked me to visit him at umass
  2. He'd visited me a ton at Tufts and I'd never been
  3. So I went down with our good friend Caitlyn
    Caitlyn is currently in Egypt, because why not
  4. The three of us hung around and drank and ate and it was cool
  5. I ask "where's the party at?"
  6. Caitlyn mentions her good friend Kylie is going to some girls birthday party
  7. "And so are we!" I say
  8. We do not know this birthday girl but that doesn't stop us
  9. Until we arrive, uninformed that this is a space-themed party
  10. The birthday girl, drinking and belligerent in a nice shining dress, asks me who I an
  11. I steal a cowboy hat from a passerby
  12. "I'm a moonshiner" I say
  13. She's with it.
  14. Her name is Leah