Spoilers, ah well.
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  4. The death of Ramsay Bolton wasn't given the oomf it deserves.
    I would change that.
  5. I would have had his capture close the episode with Jon Snow telling a captured Bolton that he is not him—it will be an honorable execution at sunrise.
    We see Sansa overhear. She isn't happy.
  6. Next episode picks up immediately with Sansa entering a standing and shackled Ramsay's cell.
    Ramsay tries confidence, telling her o show respect to her lord and husband. Sansa tells him to kneel before the lady of Winterfell. Ramsay refuses. Bored, Sansa slowly moves behind him and cuts the tendons of his legs, collapsing him to a kneel. "I used to hate the sight of blood" she says, watching him suffer.
  7. Sansa then waxes poetic about her pained life, her narrative. She spends a lot of time on Joeffery, who we have forgotten too much. She mentions the Hound, and Ramsay's love of hounds as she removes his thumbs neatly.
  8. Ramsay, now, tries to shout threats, hate, his classic stuff to gain the upper hand.
    Sansa fits him with a muzzle.
  9. Sansa mentions her Stark pride. That her house slogan used to bother her. "Winter is coming" she'd say wistfully. "Other houses had boasts, pride—(she quotes the cool ones)—and we had a weather forecast"
    Ramsay is panting as a dog, in pain, as Sansa adds the last one.
  10. "But my father told me that was our strength. The fact of it. Battles come and go, but winter, Ramsay, is forever."
    She opens the door to the outside and we see winter is there. It's the dead of night and the snow is fast and heavy, a blinding pool of white.
  11. "My lady..." Ramsay begs. Sansa smiles.
  12. "One thing I learned as a Bolton" she says. "One thing I'll never forget. The flaying."
    She takes the knife out. Ramsay winces, cowers, and Sansa stalls before cutting off a layer of his clothes instead. She talks of the old woman who he flayed as she goes, talking more about her time as a hostage.
  13. Sansa flays his clothes until Ramsay is naked and bloody, muzzled on all fours like a dog. Sansa takes a studded, painful leash and places it on Ramsay. The camera faces out the door as Ramsay shivers. Sansa smiles as the wind blows, howling like Ghost.
  14. "Do you hear that Ramsay? The north remembers."
    Sansa, the badass, leads Ramsay into the snow as a dog to die.
  15. This is the death I wanted: you give Sansa agency, add weight to her history, give her some evil she learned from the men who'd hurt her, and gives Jon Snow some Robb-like morality while giving Sansa the chance to change the game.
    Not to mention, changes the nudity ratios a bit, the power dynamics, and gives a little visual reminder of Theon who was forgotten here. It also might add some @olive approved weird and scary sexuality to the vibe.
  16. That's my fanfic, guys.
    Thanks for reading.