I am a good wingman. Here's how and why
  1. First: you need a moral code
    This is what separates the friendly and charming from the creepy and sinister. My code: you have to like him as a friend, you have to like her as a person, he has to like her as a person.
  2. Never talk about your friend
    You are the host of ambiance, a showcaser of talent, not a used car salesman
  3. Mostly platonic charm
    Be very charming! Mention your girlfriend once or twice, or otherwise take yourself out of the ball game. But still charm! Enough charm in the air attaches its aura to your pal
  4. Offer an "or..."
    Friend having trouble closing the deal? You bring up the "we"; wanna get pizza? Wanna go to this bar? Switch it up; if you're there it's still an upbeat hangout. Shakes things up if no momentum is happening
  5. Take "no" for an answer
    This is the secret strength of a wingman. If she's not interested, it'll be clear but still friendly. Because of the wingman it's a polite opt-out and ambiguous, non rejection. Stings much less.
  6. A wingman hedges bets
    Things don't work out? You and your friend get a shot, a beer, onion rings, an uber, pass out. Fine end to a night. Being a wingman means being a friend