Today sucked. But I'm steering this ship up
  1. Comfort food you earned
    I walked a ton today and had salad for lunch so I'm getting a burger and spicy fries at my favorite place. I'd eat crap anyhow so this is favorite, earned and special crap.
  2. The exact amount of substance
    Having 2/3rds of a Narraganset because I know that's exactly enough to be fun without being groggy for writing
  3. Focus on positives
    A Monday down, good weather on the way, meditate today, had a great weekend, shitty days happen
  4. Exhale it
    I'm making this list to bury it
  5. Look forward not back
    Going to see some friends and then write all night before seeing my kindergarteners tomorrow
  6. Text friends
    Yay friends!