Happy draftsmas, @aprilkquioh
  1. I love having enemies
  2. It's a good way to outsource self loathing anxiety
  3. Plus, it's easier to define yourself by what you aren't
    It lets you circle back to who you are and what you believe in
  4. I've had enemies as far back as grade school
    Zach Barlia, it's green light when I see you, you greasy wannabee bullying fuck. I'm gonna twist your nipples so hard you'll have to put icecubes in a training bra.
  5. It's empowering and interesting
  6. It probably isn't healthy
    But neither is barbecue, you know?
  7. Some enemies are gleaned from envy
    Curious that all my one-sided enemies are more successful than me, no?
  8. Some from projection of my insecurities
    The above, plus self-loathing finding a home in an external totem
  9. Some involve nostalgic resentment
    People mean in 5th grade, an offhand Comment I've never forgiven, whatever.
  10. And a rare few are moral
    I've got resentment for people who treat my friends badly and all that classic shit. Or anyone who bothered @lgw once.
  11. The biggest one is myself
    I know, I know
  12. But be forewarned
  13. Goofy as I am, insecure and nervous as I act
  14. Zach Barlia
  15. I'm gonna fuck you up.