Boston/Cambridge area
  1. Ted Baker on Newbury/Exeter
    Suggested by @dev
  2. Ralph Lauren, @ Newbury/Berkeley
    Suggested by @dev
  3. Zara (don't know exactly where but I know there is one). I love their mens wear.
    Suggested by @saytrumbo
  4. Gant, Newbury Street
    Suggested by @katemaryj
  5. J.Crew in Prudential
    Suggested by @dev
  6. Hugo Boss
    Located in Copley Place, 100 Huntington Ave to be more exact
    Suggested by @klapeyre
  7. Express in the Prudential
    Flattering professional wear
    Suggested by @jf
  8. Rag and Bone, Newbury Street
    I really like their Chinos
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  9. Dollar A Pound
    Suggested by @jesseno
  10. Levi's: 131 Newbury
    Bag a white Oxford cloth button down (OCBD) and a couple of ginghams to wear with grey or blue pants from the other stores.
    Suggested by @evan
  11. The Garment District
    Smoking jackets abound! Only go there if you're trying to be really classy. Beware, it's not a district.
    Suggested by @maribot
  12. Club Monaco
    800 Boylston: the 3 C's - Classic, Classy, Canadian.
    Suggested by @evan
  13. Bonobos
    Magically fitting pants in classic styles. Visit the guide shop at 283 Dartmouth, get fitted, choose your gear, and it'll get shipped to your door with super easy returns
    Suggested by @evan
  14. Douglas Fir on 3rd street. Great stuff
    Suggested by @charleytuna88
  15. J Crew Factory Store, Assembly Square
    Just outrageously cost-effective.
    Suggested by @gabe
  16. Uniqlo
    Suggested by @mattyice217
  17. Ministry of Supply on Newbury - started by MIT grads, dress clothes that are comfortable/breathable/stylish!!
    Suggested by @acmicheli
  18. TJ Maxx
    For some dope discounts on designer goods. This is late but nobody said it /:
    Suggested by @alyssapoliti