Inspired by @CarlosHerrera. An idea I find comforting and warm and oddly satisfying to think of
  1. I could just give up...
    On hinging all my self-worth on success and just learning to love life as it is.
  2. I have love
    The most important thing of all. I'd like that and a few sides of money, success, fulfillment, etc but I have love peace and health. I'll live.
  3. I could be a teacher and I wouldn't be the worst
    Not feeling it but "oh well, that's fate?" I could make this work. In 1910's, I'm a rabbi. Same thing, tbh.
  4. I'd do pretty well in a cult
    Personable and would be great with the lore, recruitment, etc. we're talking cushy mid-level gig plus real zen fulfillment.