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    This seems really self-serving, but I'm new here, eager to read ALL THE LISTS and I have no shame.
    Suggested by @mchellepeterson
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    This app is amazing and I want to get to know as many people as possible!
    Suggested by @EmHam
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    @shawnlizlix πŸ™ƒ
    Suggested by @shawnlizlix
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    Just what I was looking for, another way to avoid work!! Love the list!
    Suggested by @rakai
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    But wait, there's less!
    Suggested by @marisajentz
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    Suggested by @nanceromance
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    I'm a funny and relatable 20 something. Who's posting about stuff that is on my mind.
    Suggested by @jessilee23
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    I honestly love how this app feels intimate and communal at the same time. When I joined other social media for the first time I had ridiculous super private settings. (Maybe I thought I was gonna be Taken and Liam Neeson would be too busy to come get me.) But not here! This is too much fun it deserves jazz hands. πŸ€—
    Suggested by @citypenguin
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    I have no followers yet because I'm new to the app. But I'm funny as fuck and I swear I could be famous for it. So follow me, because I'd follow me. πŸ˜‚πŸ’πŸ½πŸ˜˜
    Suggested by @jojonichole
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    Jamie Bruehl
    I'm new too & I think I'm funny so...
    Suggested by @Jamie15
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    She isn't brand new here but she's an awesome little lister and deserves more followers! 😘
    Suggested by @LeahG
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    Yay lists!
    Suggested by @julietteseive
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    Suggested by @SHOUT
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    Follow me so I can follow you! Diehard fan of list-makint and eager to get really into it here!
    Suggested by @natalieruth
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    Suggested by @christel80
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    Find me! I'll find more of you tonight after work when I should be doing it instead of right now. 😳
    Suggested by @kelspel
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    Love to read and create new lists! I'm a nerd.
    Suggested by @KeMCollective
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    Putting his name here without his permission, but go follow him!
    Suggested by @sarahmccoy
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    @jessiestacks Just joined last night. Looking forward to reading and creating lists that make people laugh!
    Suggested by @jessiestacks
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    Joined earlier today and I like this creative format and I'm excited to interact with new people :)
    Suggested by @Naara
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    Is 73 too old to look for a good laugh? I need joy in my life!
    Suggested by @Tee73
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    Suggested by @kattradio
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    One list down. Many to come. Love this app!!
    Suggested by @ChelseaDunckley
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    Suggested by @millercourt
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    Sometimes I li.st while drunk!
    Suggested by @Ames91
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    Someone follow meeeee!! πŸ’πŸΌ
    Suggested by @kendrabitner
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    Trying to be a more frequent user. Open to new follow recs too!
    Suggested by @sarahte
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    Suggested by @elenamg
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    I'm a 25 year old pop culture enthusiast going through their quarter life crisis who spends too much time on this amazing app to avoid real life. 😁
    Suggested by @fancynewwhatever
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    I'm Kelly and I joined today πŸ™ƒ I like dogs, books, and tv. Can't wait to share my thoughts with you all!!
    Suggested by @danytargaryenz
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    I'm a whiny 18 year old girl!!! Woo!!!!
    Suggested by @tiupps
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    I do jokes and stuff.
    Suggested by @RyanDangerSims
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    Hi I'm Emily I want to read your lists and be your virtual friend
    Suggested by @emmiree
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    @EmbraceGrace I'm new and I have no shame ... Will self promote . Because sometimes when you are stuck in a hospital for 6 months .. You want to talk to random strangers you meet on the Internet ...
    Suggested by @EmbraceGrace
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    I've been on here for like months....but nobody likes my lists😒😒😒
    Suggested by @hh12995
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    Suggested by @hiijackiie
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    @ChelseaDunckley li.st for lyfe
    Suggested by @ChelseaDunckley
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    List: to lean to one side β›΄
    Suggested by @annatcatranch
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    post grad ramblings and over-caffeinated dreams
    Suggested by @hilaryjoybeth
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    I'm really nerdy and self indulgent and I like to pretend I make interesting lists. My most frequently used emoji is 😍 and I think that's really profound.
    Suggested by @politicsandmagic
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    Been on this app for a little while now but still haven't fully committed. They say when you say things aloud it creates accountability. So here. We. Go. πŸ“’
    Suggested by @kelleyxbaby
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    28, writer, Montreal. My last list was about which Yes album has the best cover art to airbrush into the side of a van, so it you're into that, come on over.
    Suggested by @derek_g
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    I've had list since its debut as the list app back in October but have found very few users in my personal community. Looking forward to listing and sharing more with this community
    Suggested by @mckampf
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    Saw BJ on the Today Show and thought I would check it out!! Good stuff for sure!
    Suggested by @amanda714
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    @alexisnartia Joined to help boost my creativity...HA. I've got nothing accomplished today because all I have done today is read li.sts.... but I'm ok with that. I FEEL more creative. Also, people that write their goals down are more likely to achieve them. Maybe I'll do some goal setting here too.
    Suggested by @alexisnartia
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    Hi! I list about books, running races, and random thoughts I have while watching TV programming.
    Suggested by @skgehrs
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    Hi! I'm cool I swear (unless that isn't cool)
    Suggested by @SassyGracie
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    What about one follower? πŸ˜‚ @grumman
    Suggested by @grumman
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    Insight to the thoughts and minds of others. Enjoyable
    Suggested by @LVUnicorn
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    Suggested by @aelliottshannon
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    Cool app. Love it.
    Suggested by @Tisha9806
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    I just got here (because android phone). I'm funnyish sometimes & always looking for a new way to procrastinate!
    Suggested by @gingah_ninja23
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    My brother Na.te introduced me a while ago but he's like 10 times funnier and I only get likes if he realists my lists πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
    Suggested by @KendraRepay
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    Finally available on Android! I've been secretly stalking li.st from a far for so long. Now that I'm here, I don't know where to start.
    Suggested by @chelles
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    I finally downloaded Li.st. I'm sorry. I'm usually earlier to these things. Carry on
    Suggested by @lylemckeany
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    trying to be funny, trying. college student with a brain. i can't wait to join the community. give me a follow.
    Suggested by @TheNotoriousBuddha
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    No shame in begging for people to think you're funny, right?
    Suggested by @morganlynnperry
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    Why not give it a shot?
    Suggested by @pascalspronk
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    Haven't used list a lot yet but am looking forward to littering your newsfeed with humorous insights and informative wisdom-gems as wellπŸ‘»
    Suggested by @theallieway
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    Suggested by @campy3643
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    I list a lot about my dog! :)
    Suggested by @qbg
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    Brand new here. Will be listing on #food, nutrition and a lot about #Atlanta! Do hashtags work here? πŸ€“
    Suggested by @marisamoore
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    Follow her because she's my cousin and I follow her. Follow the both of us because we are funny! Happy Listing!
    Suggested by @jojonichole
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    @elizamartin ayy fam literally just got this app but I love it (coincidence how BJ and I both love making lists #soulmate)
    Suggested by @elizamartin
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    woke up this morning and discovered list. Still in my pajamas reading lists.
    Suggested by @anitasvv
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    Love making lists. Whether it be for organizational purposes or just piss people off, I love it!
    Suggested by @Ranna
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    Just started, but eager to interact li.stwise
    Suggested by @atornberg
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    @rollintexas definitely new to the app but already loving it. I'll follow back for the favor and try to keep new content flowing
    Suggested by @rollintexas
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    Suggested by @danielmuto
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    if u know me personally don't follow
    Suggested by @analyce
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    itsa me the girl of your dreams if you consistently have nightmares
    Suggested by @hannah96
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    Very much random. And confused
    Suggested by @skye89
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    I'm a professional counselor that tells it like it is. Not mean though just real. I just heard about this app and love the creativity! follow me I'll follow back!
    Suggested by @meganrpickens
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    I own a record store. I have far too much useless knowledge of pop culture. I realized that none of my Facebook friends are not here. I welcome all new followers!
    Suggested by @bellbeefer23
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    I have two followers, but I made them do it. Add me for book recommendations and disdainful thoughts on the LA scene!
    Suggested by @cinderstina
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    Not really sure
    Suggested by @lufell
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    Suggested by @girgiulia
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    Add me for movie, TV , motorcycle, food and drink listings coming up
    Suggested by @EnglishKnave
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    Me Me Me...I just want attention...Me Me Me.
    Suggested by @julespecially
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    I'm a professionel dane. I dance very poorly, yet it happens. Often. What is this place?
    Suggested by @mathiaskoefoed
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    Suggested by @adriantheflow
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    I had so many plans for my weekend...then I downloaded li.st
    Suggested by @swkkristen
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    I can be funny and my dog is adorable
    Suggested by @Tammykwh68
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    Eager for wit
    Suggested by @riehlen
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    Pretty good idea.
    Suggested by @WhoaDang
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    Joined yesterday. Woke up this morning with one follower and it was (fake) @donaldtrump2016.
    Suggested by @a_lisa_flying
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    Because I'm new to this.....and I deserve more Followers.....and I'm Fly!!! ;)
    Suggested by @FlygrlB
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    This is such a cool app. I love writing lists and reading lists. Plus so far, I am one of the few Norwegians here (I think). I like to think that's pretty cool!
    Suggested by @erteterte
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    Lists are cool. Lists are a burden.
    Suggested by @dia444
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    @dia444 I'll give myself a week to fully explore this
    Suggested by @dia444
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    I like funny things and happy things
    Suggested by @riehlev
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    I'm new! Love the app. Listing as a writing exercise (and therapy). How fun!
    Suggested by @robinmarie
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    @alicat825. Pete is the only person following me. Thanks, Pete! I just want to make people laugh...or at least smile. I want to make someone's day a little better by my "humor" (usually my misfortunes)
    Suggested by @alicat825