1. Look how big it is!
    It's a ton of physical space and different climates. Beaches, mountains, deserts, forests, etc. So much.
  2. It's so different!
    There are multiple areas in America for everyone and it's insane and beautiful that we're all the same county.
  3. We're a country of immigrants
    Dunkin Donuts serves bagels and everywhere has cheap pizza, good or not. We stitch in a bastardized form of cultural traditions perhaps but it's all there
  4. Less evil than any other superpower
    Let's stop moral relativism for a second and remember the challenges of this bracket. We're not the Netherlands but it's easier to run a utopia on five million removed idealists with no responsibilities
  5. The LeBron test
    Everyone asks about the next LeBron and that's true of America. But as long as we're the litmus test it's #1
  6. We have Kanye
    Metaphorically and literally. Even if you sharply rebuke America, at best, you're considered an integral part of America
  7. Only country I feel fully safe to be Jewish in