I love Halloween. So should you. Here's why. 🎃🍂👻
  1. It scales so well
    Halloween is fun for all ages, and, crucially, fun in different ways. Young kids have candy-- that's more than enough. Older kids have the feeling of spookiness and even mischief. Outcasts get to dress their souls. Cool teens have parties, cozy teens have horror movies, twenty something's have a theme party they don't have to plan; Parents and grandparents get cute overload joy. It's great for everyone! Families, loners, kids, adults-- everyone
  2. It's cheap
    Christmas and Thanksgiving family can all drain a wallet for tickets, let alone New Year's Eve. But on Halloween...well, candy is cheap. Goodwill can give costumes quickly. Beer is beer.
  3. It's drama free
    Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve can famously cause stress in advance on top of the real-time drama. But not Halloween!
  4. It's opt-in
    You can stay in and be cozy on Halloween and not be shamed! Bring some popcorn and a spooky movie and friends and you just threw an introvert party that counts fully! You can even sub in a fake-spooky movie like Shawn Of The Dead. Halloween can come in multiple settings that are equally valid, meaning it's a holiday for every personality type
  5. It's about freedom
    Halloween, at its core, is about spooky infinities of possibility. When you're a kid walking at night for candy or a twenty something unsure of your life, no other holiday celebrates the uncertain quite like Halloween. It's egalitarian.
  6. Halloween forever!