1. It can't hurt
    There's an old Jewish Joke about a man who suddenly died in a movie theater. An elderly woman shouts to give him an enema and the doctor asks how that can help. She says "how could it hurt?" If you're as cynical as I am, remember meditation can't possibly ~hurt~
  2. How busy are you?
    I meditate for eleven minutes a session, trying to work up to twenty. They are likely the most productive eleven minutes I have and I like eleven because there's no excuse not to do eleven, ever.
  3. Doing something you thought you'd never do is empowering
    I never ever thought I could do this and I can. Let's see how that extends
  4. Increased mindfulness
  5. Increased gratitude
  6. Increased presence in moments
  7. And, if not, a strong placebo effect
    Again, it can't hurt