1. Advice to adults: Not lock your children in a tall tower like rapunzel
    Advice for all adults
  2. Favorite part of being 5; it's so close to being 10
  3. Favorite thing to do: Riding horses
  4. Favorite things to learn about; animals
  5. If I had wings I would fly to Miami
  6. Favorite part of being Jewish: speaking Russian to her mom
  7. Favorite food: French fries
  8. Least favorite food: the chicken she has at her house, she hates it (why?) I just hate it
  9. Anything to add? "I like horses cows dogs cats and unicorns"
  10. What do you want to do when you're grown up; give my kids whatever they want like a maraca
  11. Favorite show: frozen
  12. More on frozen: Elsa and Anna are real.
  13. Other favorite things; go crazy all over the house and make things all messy
  14. If she could make a TV Show: about monster cars and the wheels would be taller than he library
  15. Why monster cars; they're like monsters and cars and for giants probably
  16. An she likes dragons too