1. There will be slight spoilers the descriptions as related to theme
  2. CivilWarLand In Bad Decline
    Death, ineffectual husband, brutal inhumane failing job in a theme park
  3. Isabelle
    Oh Christ: mutation, death, suicide, poverty
  4. The Wavemaker Falters
    Dead kid, ineffectual husband, cuckold, in humane job in theme park
  5. The 400 pound CEO
    Funny but also sad. Ineffectual lover cuckolded in humane job etc
  6. Offloading for mrs.schwartz
    Sad. Ineffectual widower, a nice change
  7. Downtrodden Mary's Failed Campaign Of Terror
    She's downtrodden alright.
  8. Bounty
    A baby novella but sad stuff in there for sure