1. Floss sometimes now
  2. Wear contacts and better clothes I think
  3. Am better in my personal relationships
  4. Have solved a handful of problems I was obsessed with in 2013 that I dismissed into a forgetful dog of relief
  5. Better writer (mostly by default, but hey, still counts)
  6. Have minimized the length, frequency and intensity of my brooding entitled tantrums
  7. Am better at taking stock and comparing things realistically
  8. Better at culling my extremes
  9. Somewhat less of a complete failure, as measured by degrees
  10. Somewhat less given to obsessive indulgent melancholy, as measured by degrees
  11. Eating more fruit
  12. Still apparently doubling down on modifiers. ("obsessive indulgent melancholy? Why not just melancholy? It's neater)