1. 🍗☕️😛
    Suggested by   @lgw
  2. Opened my store this morning and promptly closed it. Now cozying up with lovely roommates, fancy coffee, and job applications 🤘🏻🌨
    Suggested by   @maggieannre
  3. On ListApp. Duh.
    Suggested by   @jaidub
  4. Baking (and eating) @eatthelove's Congo Bars
    Suggested by   @bookishclaire
  5. Monitoring the snow
    Suggested by   @jess3842
  6. Pretending to fill out my scholarship application, but actually going on list app.
    Suggested by   @applesarahgate
  7. Nachos and Gilmore Girls. Ignoring bag of work in the corner of the room--the real world is nonexistent during a blizzard.
    Suggested by   @StuckOnThe7
  8. Watching "The Shining" with my #1 homegirl
    Suggested by   @lillie_dodd
  9. Day drinking by the fire
    Suggested by   @ameliaville
  10. Popcorn and a book
    Suggested by   @BethFishReads
  11. Shoveled for 3 hours and now watching Selena before going back out to shovel again
    Suggested by   @k8mcgarry
  12. Reading and eating all the rice cakes we had in the house.
    Suggested by   @quixotic
  13. Illustrating!
    A typographic commission for a friend and her daughter!
    Suggested by   @ijeoma
  14. Driving through back roads in East Texas
    Suggested by   @maggzerts
  15. Day drinking, watching the kids play
    Suggested by   @leighk
  16. Playing Bananagrams with @bookishclaire (pictured with her winning-by-1-letter board😑)
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  17. Coffee, Kahlua, and writing!
    Suggested by   @dltompkins1
  18. Braving the blizzard for beer and baked goods!
    Suggested by   @brittanytaylor
  19. Inside, inanimate, incredulous.
    Suggested by   @lizabeth
  20. In Peru, it's summer here so I'm at the beach.
    Suggested by   @daniela
  21. Watching Mad Men episode commentaries 😊 (and doing French Homework 🇫🇷)
    Suggested by   @ellasabo
  22. Reading the script of When Harry Met Sally
    Suggested by   @crossedties
  23. Made chili that was so 💣 we tore it up before I could get a pic!
    Went to the library, played indoor hockey, played in the snow and watched 2 movies- Mockingjay and The Duff.
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  24. Seething with jealousy and wracked by confusion over the fact that I live in Michigan and, somehow, we are getting ZERO snow.
    Suggested by   @readjulia
  25. Watching my roommates play chess
    Suggested by   @irenebean
  26. Making my roommate watch The Apartment with me.
    Suggested by   @moonjockey
  27. Catching up on Homeland and getting ready to have a cocktail!
    Suggested by   @kate81
  28. Shovel, sled, warm by the fire, repeat
    Suggested by   @DavidRobson
  29. Ours melted but earlier I had a snowball fight with my nephew. Snow is 💯 fun with a three-year-old.
    Suggested by   @jhope71
  30. Going out for a run
    Suggested by   @nyquistify
  31. with Churros
    Suggested by   @Trill
  32. Braving the elements with my daughter (pictured) and husband (not pictured)
    Suggested by   @lolitagraffiti
  33. Hiking the coast in Malibu!
    Suggested by   @jayniemc
  34. Hanging at the park
    It's 50 and sunny here.
    Suggested by   @loriatx
  35. gloating on the west coast
    Suggested by   @boygirlparty
  36. Watching someone demo how to cook with pulses (dry peas, lentils, chickpeas and lentils)
    Suggested by   @eatthelove
  37. Sunday was my birthday. So I bribed all of my friends to come over, fed all of them and got into a snowball fight with my preteen neighbor. 10/10, would do again.
    Suggested by   @gwenllain