1. Best media that also makes you happy
    What's a high caliber piece of art that's accessible and brings you joy? It's tricky when "good" movies books and music often are sad, but I'd put "The Muppets (general) "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and "jazz music (general)"
  2. Praise you have for me, Lev Novak
  3. Favorite ways to spend a Sunday evening
    Sunday evenings get lonely and weird. What's to be done?
  4. Best things per dollar spent in their catagories
    What's the best clothing for the money? Food? Alcohol?
  5. What's a book or movie you think we would like? Specifically suggested or otherwise
  6. Favorite lines
    In movies, stand up, life- what's a line that sticks with you? I once heard a girl say about the number 108; "oh good; I like numbers that seem especially even" and it still blows me away how perfect that line is.
  7. Not a list so much as you just coming in and decorating my room, finding me places to submit my writing, catching typos, doing errands etc.
    Please? I need a life employee-manager, though I'm thankful to have so many life coaches