1. Seth Rogan, 16
    Schlubby but funny Jewish dudes become in. I am thrilled.
  2. Donald Glover, 18
    Strongly mixed feelings but at that sharp moment, aimless ambition to be funny AND nerdy AND cool AND be sensitive and insecure AND overconfident was very well encapsulated here. Much of my complications re: Donald Glover goes to how deeply he tapped into a very specific version of myself
  3. Drake, 20
    Shit yeah, what a break for a rap fan. Kanye was the first but Drake, as a Jewish Canadian rapper really mellowed out my style as cooler. But the big gain for me is that over sharing is now honesty. Big coup.
  4. Normcore fashion, 21
    The only fashion movement I can understand. As I put it to @vera, i like dressing simply and well so I can be loud and me. Before then I doubled down on both