Inspired by @scooterbraun
  1. A surprising amount of rap battles
    I was one of the two best rappers by the end of it, mostly by default.
  2. Striking out in Softball
    Against our bitter rivals at Camp Ramah Berkshires. Humiliating.
  3. Eating for survival in a very real way
    In retrospect everyone was very hungry and the food was terrible
  4. An underground grilled cheese ring
    Jonah, a camper in my year, had a secret grilled cheese maker. They cost two bucks each, or a candy bar, or "come on, man!" Worth every penny. Drowned in barbecue sauce.
  5. Learning social dynamics first-hand
    Did you know that calling "dibs" is less about legality of who called it and more about the coolness pecking order? This blew my mind! It was a real behind-the-curtain moment to see a lame kid denied his rightful dibs because he was less cool than Nate Jablow, who took his seat.
  6. Inept crushes
    I was a late bloomer, okay? While I have it in good authority that I am a 😎 dude now, a lot of camp was watching hope not quite up with circumstance