1. Stinky
    Stinky was our neighbor (Zach? Andrew?) and I was allowed to call him Stinky. This was the funniest thing in the world to me and the only thing I remember about Stinky. Good sport.
  2. Black Haired Woman
    Twice or so I had a black haired woman babysit and she was chill. Later heard from Mom that her family was well positioned in the Mafia? This sounds like something I'm misremembering but I hold by this memory
  3. Shannon
    The number one stone cold stunner best babysitter in American history but I have a hard time remembering ~why~. I remember the emotions I felt, the active warmth joy and support and fly vibes. She once took me to get McDonalds and I chose chicken mc nuggets over a hamburger - delicious- but I remember that as the first ever moment I thought of a hamburger, my true love.
  4. There was a strict and sensible eggo waffle policy in our house. Two eggo with ~either~ butter or syrup. Ben, though, let me have both on one waffle. It was amazing! First idea of rules being artificial constructs and also tasted so good