1. That I am not as cool as my peers
  2. Okay, fine, I'm way cooler than my peers but now what?
  3. I can't hack it in New York or LA, am I doomed?
  4. Am I really so much dumber than STEM majors?
  5. How much self pitying envy do I need to project into the world before I get stuff?
  6. Will I ever get stuff?
  7. The desperate fear of getting older mingled with the anxious shame of where you're at
  8. What if I'm not as good as I hope?
  9. What if I'm as bad as I fear?
  10. No seriously I am the protagonist of my reality and any attempt to pan out further than my day-to-day reveals the blinding freedom of space. I'm forced to reconcile I am the only variable, and I know myself well enough to fear that.
  11. Bad craft beer