1. Enough
    My favorite. Strong, soft, flexible, clear; it's so versatile and capable. It's a no-bullshit word that has a softer side; @sophia in business-mode
  2. Implicit
    Playful and clever, especially when juxtaposed with the crass. "That shit should be implicit!!" Is a fun thing to half-yell to friends
  3. Smooch
    Did you smooch? Young smooch-haver? Such a sweet, gentle, playful word that elicits the sort of butterflies a good smooch should provide.
  4. "Um,"
    Not a word but much more playful and wry than "like" as a placeholder. "Um, maybe don't give that kid more soda."
  5. Slick
    You think you're slick? Old-timey word; both slick and not really that slick as a word itself
  6. Spooky
    All ghost related words- haunted, for example- are nominees but spooky is such a playful word. Love it.
  7. Cowabunga!
  8. Cowabunga!